GPATS 2013 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from November 12th to 13th at the Rebouças Convention Center. It marks the first time that this event will be held in Brazil, which demonstrates Brazil’s leadership within the Information and Communications Technology industry; as well as government policy. This Summit will provide a global platform to discuss such issues as government’s role in promoting the use of ICT, examples of public-private partnerships and future trends.

With the theme ‘Effective Public Policies to Deliver the Promises of the Digital Age’, GPATS 2013 will put a spotlight on national digital agendas and the importance of sound public policies. This biennial event will bring together global stakeholders from industry, academia, government, institutions and civil society to identify solutions that help spread ICTs to all segments of society, and to rich and poor countries and markets around the world, such that the benefits made possible from the digital age can be realized by everyone.

The program will cover a number of policy themes that present the most pressing challenges that our industry is facing today, including:

  • Why ICT Matters
  • Policy Frameworks that Deliver the Promise of the Digital Age
  • Internet Governance at a Crossroads
  • Cyber Immune System
  • The importance of Free Trade Policies in ICT Goods and Services to Deliver the Promise of the Digital Age
  • Measuring the IT Industry Globally
  • Innovative applications of Technology by Youth


GPATS 2013 delegates will have the opportunity to see, hear and engage in a dialogue with representatives from governments, international organizations and ICT industry executives.

At the conclusion of GPATS 2013, WITSA will also announce a Declaration with an updated set of recommendations on national policies.